Simple Use Of A Metronome For Your Golf Swing Tempo


In this video, Brian Sparks, founder of the Easiest Swing In Golf and author of the international best selling book, “Positive Impact Golf,” talks about finding your best and most effective tempo and rhythm by using a metronome. A count off 1-2-3 in your backswing followed by 4 at impact and 5 at the end of the swing will give you a rhythm to die for as he ably demonstrates himself.
Brian goes on to answer a question from Michael Clough in Majorca – “why we do we keep trying to improve something that is already perfect?” He tells a personal story about hitting a series of great shots only to find himself asking how he could do better when all he wanted to do was do this more consistently!
There is a link at the end of the video to view Michael’s swing and to watch his interview with Brian.