Practicing Rhythm & Tempo


Rhythm and Tempo are big parts of your golf swing, so practicing different tempos can really smooth out your overall rhythm. In this segment of Teaching with Technology, Todd Kolb shows us how he uses his Swing Caddie SC200 to practice this without leaving home.

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PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb with another segment of Teaching with Technology, and today golfers, we’re going to talk about how we can actually maximize our practice sessions when we’re hitting golf balls inside or into a net. Now a lot of you out there—based on where you live and kind of your situation—you’re probably doing some practice hitting golf balls into a net. That’s certainly the case here at the academy. The beauty of it is that technology these days can actually help us get something out of these practice sessions when we can’t see where the golf ball is flying.
So the drill I want to give you today is a tempo drill, and we’re going to utilize technology to help us do that. So I’ve got my Swing Caddie 2—it’s a pretty popular product these days, it’s one that we’ve been using here at the academy here for quite a while, very reasonable—and so we’re going to do a little drill here. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to hit a normal shot. I’m going to hit what I would consider my normal 6-iron shot, and we’re going to look at the numbers and see what we’ve got.
So I’ve got my 6-iron here, and try to make my best swing possible for you. (177 yards) Okay, so 177 yards for me with a 6-iron, that’s moving; that was pretty good for me. But more importantly, my club head speed was 91 miles per hour. Now one of the things that a lot of golfers struggle with—and this might be the case for you—is rhythm and tempo. Has anybody ever told you, “Man, you’re swinging too fast,” or you’re out of balance? Well, what they’re saying there is that your rhythm and your pace is off.
So here is how you can practice that. You’re going to simply hit shots at different paces. So I’m going to hit this next shot at what feels like about 75 percent of my normal, and then we’re going to see what type of numbers we get with the technology. So 75 percent. (139 yards) Okay, so 139 yards, definitely shorter; 72 miles an hour on that; so definitely, once again slower. I’m not a math major, I don’t know the difference between those; I don’t know if that was exactly 75 percent, but you get the idea.
So if you’re practicing inside, you can use technology these days to actually get something out of the practice; make it more productive. This simple drill of hitting shots at different rhythms—or different paces—is a great one, and will definitely help you play better golf.