Improving club head speed and distance – by Grexa Golf Instruction


If you want to hit the ball farther, you’ll need to increase your club head speed. Speed is something that every golfer would really like to have. Please keep in mind that there are a few determining factors that will help you maximize your swing speed.

1. The first way to develop more speed is to relax. If you are tight and rigid, you’ve already lost. Tightness in the muscles will not allow your body the ability to create swing speed. For help on improving your flexibility, please consult a certified personal trainer. You can concentrate on staying relaxed, but it would be wise to include a good stretching routine in your daily golf exercises. Strength training and flexibility training will allow your body to perform the golf with at the highest levels. Remember, it will take time and practice.

2. The second way to develop more swing speed to lag the golf club longer at the top of your swing and whip the club faster through the impact. If you whip your hands at the top of your swing, you’ve already lost your swing speed before you’ve reached the ball. This 2nd part is also an immediate result of #3.

3. The third way to develop club head swing speed is to be slower and smoother in your back swing and into the transition of the down swing. You must be smooth enough in your transition that you give your arms time to gradually build into maximum swing speed through the impact area. To maximize swing speed, the legs must drive & the hips must turn, the arms must swing and the wrists need to whip (release) the club down and through the ball. It must work in this sequence, or you won’t accelerate to the highest swing speed.

For those golfers that have been told they are too fast, you must first learn to slow down. When you do this for the first time, be prepared to lose distance. YES — YOU’LL LOSE DISTANCE. That’s okay; just understand that your goal is to build acceleration through impact. Also, keep in mind that slowing down and swinging smoother WILL IMPROVE your technique and sequence.

What do you have to lose? You’re already losing distance any way — and NO… it’s not the equipments fault. The goal is to hit the ball more solid and accelerate through impact. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ll hit the ball if you have more patience and slow yourself down. Remember, the main goal is to allow your swing the best possible chance to accelerate into maximum speed.

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Best regards,

Greg Greksa
PGA Professional
Director of Instruction