GOLF: How To Increase Clubhead Speed With Your Driver


How To Increase Clubhead Speed With Your Driver

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The point of this video is to give you something you can go take right away and increase your speed – two things you can you do in your swing almost immediately that can instantly increase your clubhead speed.

Rotation in your swing is a huge influencer of clubhead speed and not just golf but any sport. The reality is the more you turn your body both back and through, the more potential clubhead speed you will have.

Now, not everyone watching this is going to be able to rotate like a tour star. I think that certainly not everyone during the follow through portion is going to be able to rotate enough, but I do believe the majority of you can get some extra rotation going back and even if we can get some there, that’s going to help, so we’re going to focus on this. Certainly during the downswing, if we could add body rotation, that’s going to help speed, but again, I’m under the assumption not everyone can do that. So, let’s talk about the backswing part that we can do.

When you watch Bubba Watson or the Long Drive Champions, they have huge backswing turns. They’re certainly not trying to keep their hips steady and coil their upper body. It’s a huge turn of everything.

Too many of you lose clubhead speed because you don’t turn your belt buckle or your hips back far enough. You turn your upper body decent, but you don’t turn your hips back far enough. In terms of the turn, just again in general, the more degrees you can get back, the better, but that starts with the belt buckle.

The second piece of the backswing that influences speed is body extension. Now when I say extension, I’m talking extension of the spine. Now, in any power sport, if I was going to push off of the ground, how would that motion look? I’d be bent over first, I’d push off the ground, I jump and I would extend. That’s using the ground for speed. That’s the second part of the backswing. Not only do you want rotation or body turn, you want to utilize the ground or push force into the ground and create speed.

Turn and extension is part number one here. The second part is going to be where the weight in your feet – or the pressure of your feet more specifically – goes. Let’s assume you are starting at 50/50 (ish). I don’t want your pressure to be overly forward. I’d probably not have it overly on the right side either. I’d have it relatively 50/50. As you go up to the top there would normally be a slight pressure shift into your right foot, right at the top of the normal swing. Then there would be a shift into your left foot and then you would push up and off as you swing. Now, if you really want to go far, you’re going to exaggerate those pieces. Instead of your normal shift, you’re going to really feel like you are pressing into the ground with your right foot. You’re going to feel a little bit of pelvis motion to the right. You want to create movement here.

So the point here is probably don’t try and create the downswing pieces as much or at least not before you do the backswing pieces. More backswing turn and more pressure into the right foot in combination with going up a little bit and extending is going to create the most amount of speed.


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